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Fox Box gift box, with inside:

- 1 illustrated calendar OR a totebag to choose from these

- 3 folded cards to choose from here

- 1 small notebook to choose from there (models at 5 €)

- 1 bookmark to choose from this side

- 2 magnets to choose from that side

- 1 badge to choose from this page


Instructions for this purchase:

Once the Fox Box is in your basket, write the details of your choices in the "add a comment" part of your basket. Give the exact names of the products.

If you prefer to be surprised (or if you are lazy!), do not write anything and I will choose for you.


By choosing this box and its pretty cardboard box screenprinted by Kahobas , you've got a 8€ discount on the total of the products.

If you'd rather order other products, ss long as they fit in the box: send me a message via the "contact" tab.


Fox Box - gift box

SKU: 0201
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