The invitations

Here you will find some birth announcements cards I made over the past few years. Each model is created and personalized according to the desires, tastes and budgets of my clients.

Making these cards announcing such lovely news is definitely my favorite activity! Contact me for more info and for any quote request.


Double-sided single cards / square format

Your favorite! A simple format that allows you to get to the point, without overloading.

Folded square cards
The invitations of Gaspard, Augustin and Suzon have a format of 14 * 14cm when folded. The folded card allows you to put more text, more pics, and even leaves room for a little hand written note on the back.
Folded landscape cards
Soline, Malo and Camille's invitations have a format of 10.5 * 15cm when folded (postcard format). This is the ideal format for landscape pics.

Low budget special!

I only do the illustration (postcard size, 10.5 * 15cm) and I'll let you manage the rest.

LOUISE (1).jpg

Great art!

A two-fold card for Rose and Élisa. Inside, flaps open: there's plenty of space for texts and pics, and some decorative elements. Flaps closed, the illustration appears in full, with room on the back for a small personal message.

Closed format: 10.5 * 15cm (postcard format).

ROSE (1).jpg